Saturday, January 31, 2009

Couple of free stuff and cash sites to definitely check out

Cashlagoon- You should definitely check this site out. This was the first site that I've ever used to earn money online. It's easy to use and reliable!

Cash Lagoon

Gaminglagoon- Basically like Cashlagoon except the free stuff is mostly focused on gaming gear. Owned by the same people who created Cashlagoon so it is a trustworthy site.

Gaming Lagoon

Treasure Trooper- Awesome site! Combines making free cash and fun into one thing. They have a unique touch to their site because it kind of feels like you're playing an online game.

Prize Rebel- Almost like Gaminglagoon except it's owned by a different company. This is an easy to use site. Check out their testimonials to see the many prizes that have been delivered.

Cash Crate- Simple easy to use site. Familiar surveys/offers to earn points. Great referral system that will definitely help you earn points.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Check out a youtube video review of gaming lagoon

Sign up here

Gaming Lagoon

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips On Prizerebel


1. Join though the link i gave you on the top

(there is no such thing as hacks... so join through the link from top)

2. Download Robo Form >>>> HERE
Use Robo Forum to automatically fill out forms and offers with ease( It is a great time saver)

3. Log in to Prizerebel

4. Do some offers

4a. I recommend you to do medical offers always because this gives you points faster and laot ( remember that this offer coms out repetitively so try to take advantage of that. )

4b. Don't do offers that requires you to fill up 18 pages

4c. You can do offers that says complete first 1 ~ 4 pages. (1 ~4) is acceptable.

5. if you get enough points, you can buy items that are posted or custom prize.

6. custom prizes require to have 5 points more than the cost of item or shipping

7. the item will ship in 2 to 3 business days (rarely up to 7 to 14 <> )

8. Always use Valid info when you are claiming prizes. Put Fake info on the offers (make separate email account because the offers will spam you)


Hello this is my first review so enjoy.

The popular site claims to give free items just for filling out surveys and offer but that seemed too good to be true.

So I put the site to the test and see if the results would prove their reputation.

First of all I signed up for the site at their easy sign up page Click Here

And I was set to go. I started my first offer which gave me 1.5 points which is equivalent to $1.50 because each point is worth $1. In one hour I have accumulated 30 points which was enough to redeem my first prize. There are many free offers that do not require credit card so anyone at any age can use this site.

I browsed the available prizes and choose one to my liking which was Gears of War and waited for my prize to arrive at my door step.

Now this is the part you've all been waiting for. Did it arrive.
Well I think this picture will explain it all.

The prize arrived in less than 3 days of requesting it and it only took me an hour to earn.

So the verdict on is a thumbs up because it is simple and quick and they do what they claim.

I will be posting a guide on how to complete surveys and offers on prizerebel with ease and speed!

Thank you to all who read my first post, I hope you continue to follow my blog<3

Hi, welcome to the free stuff blog.

Hello bloggers,

This is my very first blog/post, and I hope that I can update this blog often with reviews on "free stuff" sites. The goal of my blog is to review sites that offer free stuff and give a verdict on if it is the real deal or just a joke. Thank you for reading my first post! I love you guys <3

Thank you,
The Free Stuff Guru